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rome (italy) - 2016

ph. : serena eller vainicher

Be.Re., beverage and restoration, is a new pub designed near the Vatican in Rome, where beers of various cultures in barrels, falls and pumps are used, with cask placed below the counter.

The service area is characterized by the use of copper, ceramic coatings with wood effect and brick of original vaults, a general taste deliberately loaded, as opposed to the tones between white and gray that characterize instead the Customer zone, mainly recognizable for the recovery of the original pavements in Carrara marble .

A large cabinet in bleached wood houses the custom beer mug for the most affectionate customers, while stools with structure in iron bar and wooden tables always bleached allow the tasting.

The same material-color palette, combined with the use of iron in corten for the sketch of the internal gazebos, connotes the room used instead for the gastronomic offer.


At the first floor, the two different flavors mix in a single setting where you can enjoy everything in a long social table or on more secluded tables or to follow the educational cultural events that are organized here.


The baths coherently conclude the pub, adding old elements - as the bricks recovered by the works of demolition - with contemporary characters of the project.

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