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rifugio caldo

rocca di mezzo (italy) - 2018


ph. : luigi filetici

A small mountain house for the weekends is completely redesigned for the new owner family.

The little surface available is optimized by opening the space, thus communicating the sleeping area with the living room, which then find the right privacy thanks to the sliding wooden partitions.

In fact, larch wood is the protagonist of the project, all focused on furniture designed in this essence that portray the small living room, the dining area / kitchen and the bed, enriched with floor wardrobe, suspended and in nook, to guarantee maximum containment capacity for the small house

The only material exceptions are the deliberately rough and raspy plaster and some "cementine" effect carpets on the white / black tones,  that covering the bathrooms, the wall of the master bedroom and that of the kitchen area, , generating a beautiful color contrast with the warm and dashing tone of the larch.

The artificial lighting with led spot on track, together with some hidden lines, guarantees the right luminous liveliness to the home.

Finally, a small fireplace and the integration of a second bathroom satisfy the requests of the Customer, who finds today in the small house the 'hot shelter' required for the quick escape from the city.

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