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Filippo Bombace,  was born in Rome and there he graduated in architecture with full marks and honours.


In 1990 he founded the Oficina de Arquitectura, a project office operating in the field of architecture and design, fully documented in Italian and international specialized publications, interviews and documentaries.


The long and careful analysis on the expressive possibilities of the materials, on the evocative and ‘compositive’ qualities of the light, the study of the execution technics and the furniture design, characterize his activity during these last years.

His works are published on the most important field headlines.


He places his profession side by side with love and practice for other artistic subjects: photography, design and in particular music.

maria elena limongi
filippo bombace
our team in the years

manuela avarello

valentina ballocci

costanza barbato

artemisia battista

federico battistoni

giorgio bombace

valentina brindisi

alex chiella

dominika firmanty

andrea fodale

martina iannaccone

beatrice ianniruberto

fabrizio iggiotti

giulia margiotta

paolo meloni

matteo muccigrosso

maider papandinas

alberto pierangeli

karim sahbani

martina vismara

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