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bpc house

roma (italy) - 2000

ph. : nico marziali, beatrice pediconi, luigi filetici

The project consisted of the renovation of an apartment, located in an elegant Roman villa, built between 1928 and 1930.


The bathrooms and the kitchen have been remodeled; trying to preserve as much as possible, the beautiful carpets floor marble-chip, resized in some cases, restored, polished, but especially turned on by a new perimeter band of black, replacing the old and weary border beige. Walls colored rope, socket-painted enamel and fixtures original paintings in white and equipped with new glasses, complete the overall picture.


As for the furniture, part of industrial production and part carried on the drawing, it is tried to intervene in an incisive (recovering and emphasizing for example the colors present in flooring), but at the same time, still respecting the geometries of the same carpet, still legible today in almost entirety, through the use of suspended elements to the wall.

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