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casa abba

roma (italy) - 2010

ph. : luigi filetici

Abba House is a very special project conceived for the family of a small client who actually can never see and touch the result of my work: the viability of Matthew is in fact braking in a bed for several years, but not his presence is not felt in the beautiful relationship that blossoms with the couple's parents.


Indeed, it is the great energy in their broadcast, the vitality and the noise of the many co-workers - nurses, physical therapists, teachers, etc. - Attending the house, to trigger an exciting project path.


And 'once again the light, this time definitely the light of Matthew, to give me the right signal: a sunbeam, which, through the grates existing floral designs, a sort of delicate lace placed before the windows, walls projecting boobies , on floors, furnishings, unpredictable shadow puppetry to explore continuously depending on the hours, the seasons or the weather.

Hence was born the lay-out of the project in a lively colors the entire operation: the same reason gratings fact, magnified, rotated, drowned in the floor, etc. He wanders through the house, popping up like a fun intruder on the walls, doors and even, in the form of the hole, on the furnishings.


Solar also the choice of colors, all played in a palette that ranges from various shades of blue of the sky of the mountain, beloved by his mother, the green meadows.


Planimetrically, few but crucial finishing touches to a plan already well set up, give more fluidity and a little 'more than comfortable paths that Matthew has to make with its litters.


ABBA is the term that, after some nice consultations have given intervention, for more reasons well explained by her mother:


Aramaic abba means father's love, in the Bible, then God is abba, that dad.

In essence then it would be our "paradise", where, not surprisingly, dominated the blue and then the green of the "green pastures".

We love this really find him towards our "prince" by all .. and down the house and 'born around him and to your needs ...

The band then and 'was the first group beloved by his father Alexander ....


So  Abba House!

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