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casa al colosseo

roma (italy) - 2006

ph. : luigi filetici

A small window in front of the Colosseum become the main theme of the project for a young family of Clients keen to emphasize the incomparable view of much of the monuments of Rome enjoyed from this.

In the face of the proposed innovative project, the family, however, presses for a more traditional environments and the available space; where the house is still and especially a ' home ' , even if seasoned and enriched with a bold management choices of materials and colors.

A handful of colors and restricted choices of materials cites so the flavors , the materials and the history of the prized around , going to draw the layout of the intervention.

The ancient green , shades of gray of the paving stones Roman , beige travertine , the purple of Cardinals , are invoked in the tissues and especially in the large mural on the wall to define the prospect wall TV .

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