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"casa dritta-curva"

Rome (Italy) - 2021

images: Serena Eller 

In one of those fine buildings that often characterize the Roman building panorama of the 1970s, the renovation project of the house for a couple with children is developed, inevitably conditioned by the design of the balconies that clearly characterize the external appearance of the building.

The simple but effective geometric sequence of the straight line, the semicircle and the quarter circle, becomes the layout of the operation, coherently defining the design of the internal partitions and all the furnishing elements that complete the home to the external spaces.


Having defined the general layout and the distribution scheme based on this geometric principle, the classic exciting work of material and chromatic definition of the intervention was started with the Clients, which led through different versions to arrive at an approach substantially based on the use oak wood contrasted with the white of the walls; some citations of calacatta marble are inserted in this clear dualism, where the function, above all for reasons of resistance, requires a material that is more suitable from this point of view.


The definitive version therefore portrays the living space divided by delicate but effective partitions in oak wood partitions that trigger a pleasant see-through effect, thus defining the entrance, the distribution spaces, the kitchen area and the study.


Oak wood is also used for the wardrobes, furnishings and above all for the stave paneling that covers the entire long wall on the edge of the corridor that runs along the living area.


The master suite, characterized by a wardrobe in the center of the room that acts as a headboard, accesses the bathroom directly from a sliding panel that first reveals the free-standing bathtub, then the large shower compartment, the double sink station and finally, secluded. the sanitary area.


Even the children's bedrooms and their bathrooms are organized according to the design philosophy, interpreted in the colors most appropriate to the age.


This is how the little girl of the house also finds a nice hiding place behind the large retractable textile wall that encloses her wardrobe, obviously according to a straight curved geometry.

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