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casa pietrina

roma (italy) - 2015

ph. : serena eller vainicher- courtesy Di Francesco & Paternò

After touring the world for pleasure, to study and to work, a crooner Roman defines near St. Peter the new home to be shared with the partner.


A few simple requests exceeding the necessary renewal of the finishes and the plants will: define a second bathroom and attributed to housing the characteristics of a potential accommodation, apt in the case to accommodate couples in transit in Rome, maybe for a concert or a quick jam session evening.


The saxophone and voice are the instruments of the Purchaser, jazz lover, and more generally of all artistic disciplines, lover of travel, discovery, thirsting to know but also a lover of simple things, nature, good food, a healthy living mainly grown in the small second home by the sea, in the lower Maremma, or the frequent use of the bicycle as a means of locomotion.


And 'so that between trips, concerts, a canoe ride or skiing in the Alps, the project takes shape: in spatial architectural intervention is minimal and immediately identifies the large entrance hallway (memory of a luxury old who dedicated space and home to a place today too often considered useless) the area where you draw the new bathroom.


The entrance is portrayed deliberately as a real intruder, a divorced volume for position and finish to the rest of the house, 'floating' - thanks to the small 'shutter' used like skirting - on the warm oak parquet flooring posed plug Hungarian, detached from the ceiling to let the natural light geometry of plaster cornices - and covered with a different skin, saved to a design based on the macroscopic wave white (even the echo of a few notes? ) on a taupe background.

Inside the book are a practical storage space and the new bathroom.


The rest of the house respects the original layout scheme, which involved within the central corridor: the living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and another bathroom.


An oak parquet laid plug Hungarian paving throughout the house, except for the bathrooms, where coatings Carrara marble satin or grits already described, are to replace this.


Some complements recovery, console mirrors, clocks, etc. alternate with design pieces of the industrial production, in a balanced mix of flavors and materials where modern and ancient play a nice game of references, citations and touches of architectural masses, but as always harmonized handfuls of notes with which the owner can dress you in his 'solo'.

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