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casa sicura

Tor Lupara - Roma (italy) - 2019


images: studio bombace

'Safe House' is the house designed for the family of a builder, a good builder, of those who in addition to knowing the building material before acting also use the head, to read, understand and see together how to translate a project into reality.

In this case the work is simplified because two figures add up in one (Client and company), so the agreement is immediate and quickly we get to a common point of view on the architectural image.

We are near Rome, in one of those areas where villas of a certain value alternate with abusive, small buildings, often the result of a somewhat random and approximate construction.

However, the indications on the objectives of the operation are clear: the house, while respecting local characteristics, must have a clearly contemporary image, without compromising stylistic compromises of a nostalgic nature.

In a single stroke the flavors of 'safe house' are delineated, a small building organism that sums up the raw and rough tones inspired by the young Clients.

The building, on a single level above ground, is characterized above all by the corten iron gratings that cover the elevations, according to different methods and positions, sometimes as brise soleil, sometimes supporting vines and sometimes, obviously, with a function protective.

The pattern that derives from it, different from every perspective, draws the characters of small architecture alone, that without betraying the rural flavors of the context stands out with the desired contemporary character.

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