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"casa funky"

Lake Vico - Rome  (Italy)  2021 - 2022

images: Serena Eller Vainicher

Sometimes in the course of developing a project, it is also necessary to know how to step aside, apparently handing over the leadership of the operation to the client himself, a necessary gesture to let him express himself as far as is correct, straightening out any errors, listening and then taking on board his expectations, to be translated into a project.


This, after all, is the story of 'casa funky', the renovation project of a beautiful late 1960s villa immersed in the autumnal atmosphere of the countryside around Rome, developed for an Anglo-Italian couple returning from a long working trip (more than two decades) to London, who have now established their suburban home here.


Inevitable, therefore, is the legacy of 'British' taste derived from the various pieces of furniture arriving from the London house and, more generally, the 'ethnic' flavour of the many pieces collected from different travels and work and life experiences around the world.


This mixture of cultures and religions, the owner's passion for philosophy, the particular preference for the colour pink in all its shades, and the request to create at least 110 linear metres of shelves for the rich collection of volumes, are therefore the main inputs of the exciting two-handed work with the customers themselves.


Once again a parquet floor, appropriately worn considering the country location, connotes both the living area on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the first floor; it is then all the chromatic work developed with the client in the definition of the walls, the carpentry lacquering, the use of wallpaper covering the most important walls, that completes the image of the house, enriched also by some particular finishing solutions in the connection between different materials, resolved with synthetic fur bands specially designed.


It is precisely the fur coat, an item that has almost disappeared from women's wardrobes, which is in fact often used in this dwelling, together with the use of walls clad in pinkish grey stone, that gives the villa's architecture that perfect vintage feel.

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