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Casaidea 2019 - March 23/31, Fiera di Roma

'materia diversa' returns to Casaidea 2019,  the space dedicated to the material for architecture, where you can find solutions useful to the designer: a quick view on what the current world of production makes available to the architectural project but also the pleasant rediscovery of techniques of the past, reinterpreted and developed by current technologies.


There are also two moments of meeting with the public who will see the firms in sequence: Saturday 23 March at 16.00 and Thursday 28 at the same time, in the conference area next to the exhibition, inside Hall 1 of the Fiera di Roma.


We'll talk the theme of 'grout’ in the covering surfaces, analyzing materials that make the small format their strong point, as opposed to continuous surfaces, interpreted with current technologies in the world of resins or floorings in sheets, or rediscovering the techniques of the past with Venetian floors.

We will discover the evolution of the wallpaper, the use of light as a true instrument of the architectural project, the cladding, timber products or wood-derived products to cover, subdivide or filter the space and finally and then the charm of the color ranges defined by Le Corbusier, one of the most famous and influential architects of the modern era, for whom the color of a building has been a fundamental importance, like the study of a plant or a section, in as able to respond to the needs and the nature of each individual.

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