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classica con brio

rome (italy) - 2018

project. : filippo bombace with teresa paratore


ph. : serena eller vainicher

Few changes needed to renovate the new Roman home for a young couple in the Parioli district, aimed primarily at the creation of a second bathroom and a second bedroom.

The limitation in the interventions, dictated also by the constructive characteristics of the apartment, risked to mitigate a project that instead found redemption precisely in the finishes and careful selection of furnishings, thus transforming the couple of young customers, totally unaware of the world of interior design, in passionate partners of the selection process of the various furnishings completions.

On the tastes of the 1930s inevitably transmitted by the building, a pavement of oak parquet laid with a diagonal French style is developed, to underline the main axis of the dwelling and a delicate work of painting works that marks the existing arches and frames. space between the tones of white, of blue dust and of antique pink.

On this warm and comfortable basic lay-out are then inserted the various furnishings, taken from the world of Scandinavian design and that instead of the Italian tradition, according to a story that recounts the flavors and stylistic and material choices of the '50s design - '60, combining historical icons with even contemporary pieces, in a pleasant general harmony.


In the sleeping area a walk-in closet bordered by a double sliding glass side by side of the bed, while the bathrooms are set up with a right mix of vintage flavors with more contemporary elements; in particular, the washbasin compositions are based on an artisan design, such as the bathroom accessible directly from the bedroom, worked in laminate in various colors.


The lighting, partly minimal and built-in, combined with the most lively suspensions or even elements of recovery, thus gives the light accents and the right brio to the young home.

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