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domino homme boutique

donetsk (ukraine) - 2010

ph. : aleksandr strinadko

The project has foreseen the design of the architectural concept of the new boutique of the DOMINO chain, in Ukraine.


In particular, the new store, the latest of a series dedicated to the world of men's and women's clothing, brings together the most famous international brands, for the most part Italian, dedicated to the world of haut couture for men.


The material-color palette is substantially reassuring and traditional, able to convey to the customer comfort, warmth and the right degree of luxury, necessary to the target of the product on display.


Particularly, has been asked to solve a handicap that characterized the part of the building corresponding to the front windows that was penalized by a slight decline (approx. 1 m.) from the general line of the building that englobes it.

That 's why  we have decided to extrude through the existing masonry rooms a series of metal cubes to recover the existing gap, aligning their face with that of the adjacent facades and housing within them the windows and the front door.


The project proposal has given a new face to the front store, with respect to an expression of design substantially modern, although in a context of the first 900.


With regard to the interior, a designed grid floor through the use of marbles in contrast, draws the two main routes of penetration, mutually orthogonal and clinched by the ceiling light lines.


Inside the areas designed by this sort of tartan, the various exhibition areas take place, characterized by furniture of various kinds (display cases, containers, hangers, etc..), made of walnut with shiny stainless steel inserts.


And so, among leather seats, retractable technological totem, mirrors and glasses that separate the most reserved areas, we arrive to the VIP room , the most exclusive, reserved for the most important supplies, where a backlit onyx wall makes precious furthermore the environment (setting).


This is where with a long welcome ritual, the wealthiest clients are welcomed and the most confidential supplies are closed.

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