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flash house

roma (italy) - 2006

ph. : luigi filetici

A quick but definite project line confers a different architectural address to a bi-family villa just outside Rome, acquired as a (out-house) rustic and otherwise destined to an anonymous intervention of completion.


We have three levels at our disposal and the young couple of buyers decides to orient towards a spotless and clean intervention, decidedly contemporary, contaminating and involving in the same operation, the rest of the family, owner of the adjacent unit.


A double project springs from there, now and then symmetrical and differentiated by the various family demands, that, sees, however, to speak coherently an only compositive language even if managed with light but meaningful varying materials.


As regards the outside, we consider enough a veil to hide the line of eaves and the adoption of a delicate grey aluminium bris-soleil instead of a more traditional window-sill, to guarantee a new reading of the building

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