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'Fuga o non fuga?'

May 29,  2019 - 5,30 p.m.

Orsolini showroom – via Nomentana 1050, Roma

In the last years the coatings market has increasingly tended to emphasize the size of the slab, with the aim of reducing the number of joints between them in favor of a continuous surface, declined in all the material variants that market trends have ridden (reproduction of woods, stones, marbles and cements, above all).

The true continuous surfaces (resin or microcement coatings) represent the pinnacle of this research, going to completely eliminate the junctions between the various elements, precisely in favor of a single surface.

But does the so-called "grout" really constitute an enemy of the designer or on the contrary can favor the design of the general architecture?

Some latest generation products come back to discover the charm of the small format and the network of geometries that this can help to build.

On May 29, 2019, at the Orsolini showroom in Via Nomentana in Rome, through a series of stories and images I will retrace some stages of this exciting match between different project approaches, but all with their own charm

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