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bla, bla, bla - tuesday, April 16th - 7 p.m.  - Metroquality, via Solferino 24, Milan

organisation. Paolo Casicci e Stefano Grandi

guest:  Filippo Bombace, Lorenzo Palmeri, Stefano Bottura, Maurizio Lai, Takahide Sano 

Many interesting ideas emerged in the talk organised by Paolo Casicci and Stefano Grandi on the parallelism between design and music.

The contributions of Lorenzo Palmeri and Stefano Bottura were particularly valuable, but what made the evening even more amusing was the surprise presence of Takahide Sano, a designer known to the general public for his television interludes.

My talk neighbour brightened the scene with his laughter, alternating with the speeches of the other guests who took part in the event.

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