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gigli d'oro suite

roma (italy) - 2010

ph. :anna galante

The project provides the preparation of a structure for accommodation inside a historic building in the heart of Ponte district in Rome, exceptional example of a Roman Medieval Village remained practically unchanged.


Furthermore, the proximity to Piazza Navona, the heart of Baroque Rome, gives even more charm to a location in which the Buyers wish to create 6 suites for a high-end tourism, plus a small lounge on the mezzanine floor.


Therefore, without violating or trampling on the history, a contemporary project line has been carried out to emphasize even more the historical taste of what exists, however, without bending the project to a slavish repetition/imitation of styles or schemes of the past.


Therefore, the resulting space is warm and welcoming thanks to the right combination of the materials and, above all, thanks to the use of the light, opportunely mixed among halogen and fluorescent sources that create winning bright sceneries.

Then, the general flavor is characterized by the improvement of the popular and “Roman” characters of the building, with the integration of ‘modern’, pieces recovered, antique or simply “old”, fireplaces, stone inserts, etc., that gives the atmosphere the right veil of experience absolutely necessary within a home run business.

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