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line collection

ceramic collection designed for mirage - 2014

Almost to rediscover the value of the joint, as a tool for design officer of alignments and geometrical references, are simple lines, perpendicular to one another, to draw the layout of the project.


In contrast to large sizes, the project will then re-evaluate the graphic sign of the escape, portraying a collection using false leaks produced on the surface of the tile itself, it draws endless aggregation mode and open the project to different possible interpretations.


The simple reversal, the stagger or offset of the tile, allow in fact to cancel the pattern dictated by the form of the plates, camouflaged within a graphic pattern freely interpretable by the designer, the most typical, contemporary or abstract, depending on the combination adopted.


From the point of view of matter instead, without seeking references to other materials already thoroughly probed (wood, marble and stone mainly), the collection prefers to work on a hot surface and velvety, with a personality so material, typical of the ceramic world.


The collection is a discrete but at the same time with personality within different contexts utilizzativi, without crushing the project approach with an excess of protagonism, but on the contrary leaving ample space to the taste and feel of the designer, free to draw the 'lattice' most congenial to the composition of the project.


The project received a special mention "for the integration capacity of the original and enhancement element escape, stopping to become a nuisance and instead becomes a decorative element."

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