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lunedì dell’architettura - 01 febbraio 2016 I ore 19.00

inarchlazio - roma (italy) 

dal cemento alla ceramica, passando per il legno

'I lunedì dell'architettura' section Inarch Lazio of Rome dedicate the evening of February 1 to activity of Filippo Bombace.


"Thanks to the president Luca Zevi, who has followed with interest throughout the evening, Valentina Piscitelli who with his firm sweetness so much wanted my participation, individual speakers and the rhetoric have spent for my business: Massimo Locci drawing a very interesting critical portrait of my design approach, Augusto Ciarrocchi telling of my curiosity about the new products and for the same production processes, Stefano Donati highlighting the importance of communication has always developed around the work and Giuseppe Rufo, who managed to enter into the most intimate relationship that shake with customers.
Filippo Bombace"

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