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officina delle arti - 2012

ph. : simone pagano

“moon”  is a small table on wheels that takes you by the couch, to the bed, or anywhere else in the house where you want to slip, fall or enter in its fluid craters, everyday objects.

The surface of the Corian top, the top once deformed by gravity, depressing to draw a smooth basin, instead of exploding once again, generating a small volcano, draw a ring monochrome painting, finding instead the sudden inclusion of wood natural walnut in its lower part, used-to-door magazines or otherwise prepared to accommodate the objects through its emptiness.


Thus, avoiding the addition of trays, pen holders, paperweights, etc.., objects find their natural bay, almost swallowed up by the two reservoirs, while a small hole in the volcano, allows the insertion of a lamp with diffused light.

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