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fonte nuova - roma (italy) - 2012

ph.: luigi filetici

rendering and draws: studio bombace

A different model of building type, designs new architectural scenarios on a human scale in the outskirtses of roma.


The lot lies between two roads that lap the downstream and upstream and it is characterized by a jump in altitude of about 9 meters.

the construction of a residential units consisting of three unifications of buildings:

  • the first lot of no. 6 buildings named type a,

  • the second lot of no. 4 buildings named type b,

  • a third building, named type c, as the other ones consisting of two habitable levels, besides the attic and the basement.

downstream access – driveway and pedestrian and set up in parking lot – serves types a, while another upstream access, always driveway and pedestrian and with another parking, serves types b and c.

a path with ramps connects seamlessly the lower part of the lot with the high one.


On the downstream face, we have the avenue driveway and pedestrian walkway that lead to the first lot of type a, characterized by no. 3 couples of building radially arranged around the property boundary, each one with no. 4 apartments, two directly accessible on the ground floor and two on the 1st floor, every one served by an external single flight stairway.


Having passed through a long walkway the difference that marks the center line of the lot, we arrive at the second lot types, named b, still radially arranged but this time according to the opposite, always to accommodate the terrain geometry and its topography.

the last type is the c it’s the largest, characterized by an internal size of almost 80sqm that allows to develop on the floors 1st and 2nd an apartment with three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a large living room.


From the compositional point of view, all three types are characterized by a common trait that distinguishes with extreme simplicity and clarity: the general architecture of the intervention: a quadrangular geometry frame organizes the whole volume, framing the balconies of the living area and those of the sleeping area on two opposing fronts.

side elevations ¾on the contrary hermetically sealed¾ are marked only by the small variable geometry and position openings, of the bathrooms or of the internal staircase.

on the coverage level, the same compositional approach masks the roof pitches and any system that often causes problems to the general cleaning.

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