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"Rosa a Maratea"

Maratea (Basilicata - Italy) - 2019

images: studio Bombace 

‘Rosa in Maratea’ is the project designed for a foreign developer of a house on the coast of Maratea, in the Basilicata region (Italy).


There are two walls in stone ashlars painted pink to characterize the small dwelling on the sea, the pink of the local bathouse of the early 1960s which therefore characterizes the living and sleeping areas of this small but prestigious home.


The large glass surfaces and the open spaces at the different levels guarantee the enjoyment of the panorama of the Gulf of Policastro, reverberated also by the polished pavement in the Vietri brushstroke of the collection of Gio Ponti, while a long railing according to a soft design accompanies all the balcony facing the wonderful stretch of coast.

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