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rp house

roma (italy) - 2001

ph. : luigi filetici

In an elegant building of 1930 it was designed the new home of a young Roman professional, providing a new distribution of space and the definition of a new palette of materials that combines the roughness of the stone to the sternness of the wood dark brown in an attempt to revive the merit, rigor, and the order of the original building.


The main bedroom, understood as a kind of real independent suite with bathroom, closets and bedroom, bathroom includes a large bathtub characterized by the middle of the room, visible through a low window glass also from the living room, while the shower room stone is placed in the adjacent bedroom area.


The kitchen, open on stay, is instead concealable, in whole or in part, thanks to a system of roller blinds retractable, while a sequence of sliding panels cellulose, allows setting apart the dining area; the different configurations obtainable with the curtains roller and sliding panels, frequent folds and walls using 'compositional' light, contribute to the construction of a space always varied and unexpected.

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