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siberian house

roma (italy) - 2009

ph. : luigi filetici

The rich collection of contemporary art of the owners, in particular the Russian origin of the effervescent Client, inevitably affect the project address the renovation of this apartment in Rome, located in the historical Prati district.


The wall structure bearing and family needs can not curb the desire of modern desired especially by the Client, finding expression in a diagram simple and straightforward that draws a contemporary spatiality through rigorous geometries and especially to a limited palette that the sees excel White, through the use of Corian, sheet metal lacquered glass retroverniciati, or simply painted plaster.


The entrance is a real statement of intent: the lack of superfluous decoration or any other architectural sign that may 'dirty' the container, gives the room a pleasant flavor that makes abstract protagonist the backdrop of the long perspective, characterized by the lithography of Marilyn with adjacent table 'track' of Tablet gold leaf.


The exclusive use of white gives a pleasant flavor to the setting 'lunar', depending on the hours free of ice and shadows, or, conversely, warmed by artificial lighting, but still, always, inevitably 'Siberian'.

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