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tutti più comodi!

roma (italy) - 2014

ph. :daniele imbriani

The entrance is the undisputed star of the intervention led to a family unaccustomed to contemporary architectural design and more tied to a concept of home very classic.


Listen silently requests, respecting them as far as possible, has left the due space to the client's taste, but merging it with some more contemporary solutions to make exciting even the simplest daily return home.


The entrance is so unequivocally characterized by long wall covered with a three-dimensional surface in quilted design, which appropriately 'washed' by the soft natural light or accents of the artificial, the local band so soft.


A path to the chicane sorts instead to large living room, passing in front of the study gently diaphragmed a dual pane glass sliding on a metal structure; eventually lead to the dining area, characterized by a coating of wallpaper inspired a new generation of classical themes, which covers the spur that SFOR wall in the living room to give more space to the rear bedroom.


Matrix common to all housing, comfortable flooring to mention the design of an ancient parquet Versailles, which together with the high wainscoting and molded characterizes the whole house, in this concert of finishes and stylistic choices all focused on a coherent picture a bit ' soft, very classic, but definitely intriguing jazzed quilted wall.

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