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Roma (Italy) - 2020

images: Serena Eller 

VUOTOPIENO is the expression with which the Client himself wanted to summarize the character of the project that I should have developed on a beautiful nineteenth-century apartment in the Prati district in Rome, thus portraying the desired sense of order and cleanliness, fused with the more functional characteristics. necessary for a home to be dedicated to tourism.

Tourism that comes to Rome wishing to experience here the most authentic and genuine characters of the city of the last century, to be enjoyed with all the comfort of today's technologies, in an elegant accommodation on the banks of the Tiber river.


The layout has undergone so few changes, substantially consisting in the integration of a second bathroom and some service rooms functional to the future activity, while from the point of view of the finishes it was decided to preserve the original pathos of the building, recovering its architectural features and finishes: cement tile floors, vaulted ceilings, fixtures and decorations found under the various layers of paint.


With the furnishing elements it was decided to indulge the simple and natural flavors of an institution open to hospitality, consisting of two apartments each with a living room and a double bedroom, in addition to the particular bathrooms that complete the setting.


Thus, among designer, anonymous and recycled design elements, the profile of a house that is sometimes empty and sometimes full, but still true in its warm hospitality, is outlined.

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