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extraordinary coffee moment - 2014

Illy is the famous Italian brand worldwide appreciated for the high quality and unique velvety taste of its coffee, the product of which it wants to be the only reference in the world in terms of culture and excellence.


Illy wants to create an experience of maximum enjoyment, providing the best-quality coffee nature can give us and the most advanced technologies allow to produce.

Illy wants to promote an off shelves initiative creating a floor display to place within the mass retailer areas with the aim of drawing the attention of new or loyal costumers, increasing the product sales and conveying the idea that illy wants to reserve a moment of well-deserved pleasure to its own customers.

t's the simple overlap of boxes, aggregate by engaging lugs, to generate the architecture of the exhibition totem.


The rotation and slight shift of one element relative to another gives movement and shading to the repertoire of brand's images shown on the sides, featuring the adjacent tasting booth, designed in the same manner and with niches on the back for the containment of the bin and coffee capsules, obtained simply by interlocking to half thickness of the cardboard elements.


Proper lighting enhances the corner and the message communicated by the evocative images, making it rich, emotional and attractive in its simplicity.

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