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¡ya! collection

ceramica eos - 2005

ph. : luigi filetici

The collection of ceramic pieces for the bathroom called ¡ya! It has the objective of synthesizing into a single design gesture a product capable of fulfilling simultaneously the functions of washing and to those relating to the containment and support of the completion accessories (towel racks, toothbrush holder, soap dish), not through the use of support elements external to the ceramic article, that is mounted to the rear and made of other material, but by shaping and perforating the same ceramic material.


The use of elementary geometry (circle, square, rectangle), from time to time otherwise fused or juxtaposed depending on the functional requirements, automatically draws the aesthetics of the collection.


The name, a typical expression of Spanish time to represent the immediacy and speed of action, meant to represent just the design synthesis inherent in the act of composing a piece characterized by a multiplicity of functions.

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