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zz house

roma (italy) - 2007

ph. : luigi filetici

The art collection of the family is the factor on the first home of a young couple eager to modern, that to be lighter on the environment already historicized by paintings and mosaics, opt for a neutral container, clean and rigorous, all aimed especially to enhance the same works and outdoor spaces with large windows.


Few materials, chromatically strict and noble charm to characterize the house: interior flooring in wenge, flooring and countertops external sandstone and marble statuary.


Only elements of 'noise' of the 'silence' chromatic general, the big red couch to witness the desire of the report of the commissioners, while the traditional dining area is moved within the practical and spacious kitchen dining area, characterized by its windows filtered bris-soleil adjustable blades on the outside.


In the sleeping area the master bedroom houses a bathroom, prepunched still a large sliding panel and denounced outside the small window in the glass to reveal the wooden platform of the shower area.

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